About us

What is SAMURAI?

SAMURAI Chipper Blades Center is a manufacturer of the highest quality blades and spare parts for industrial wood and plastic chippers. The plant is located in Klaipėda, Lithuania. Since 2010, SAMURAI chipper blades have been widely used in the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, and Russia) and, since 2015, in Germany, Austria, Poland, Finland, France and other Western European countries as well. The products of Chipper Blades Center are also exported to Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Africa.

The name SAMURAI came along with the idea that chipper blades should not only be sharp but also durable. By the use of the SAMURAI technology applied to the processing of a special metal, we ensure a greater resistance and durability of the blades, which is one of the main aspects when making one’s choice concerning the blades.

SAMURAI blades for all types of wood and plastic industry chippers: MUS MAX; Kesla; JENZ; BRUKS; VERMEER; Albach; Erjo; Pezzolato, Morbark; Junkkari; Rudnic; Doppstad; Farmi; Peterson; Bandit; Heinola; Biber Eschlbock; Greentec; Heizohack; Linda; Teknamotor; TP; Silvatec and many more.

Why choose SAMURAI?

SAMURAI wood chipper blades have been tested in different countries around the globe under the varied work and weather conditions.

Based on the loyalty of our customers, we boldly state that the special metal used by Chipper Blades Center is adapted to produce durable blades for PREMIUM class chippers (wood and plastic chipping). To make sure, just try out our STANDART and PREMIUM blades for wood chippers and plastic chipping machines, as well as other spare parts (clamps, lower blade holders, counter blades, conveyors, sieves, etc.), and you will be convinced that the use of SAMURAI chipping blades is not only cost-effective and ensures a longer service life but also releases you from the necessity to replace the blades so frequently. Contact us directly and we will offer you the best deal!

Reliable team

One of the key components of our success is a reliable team. A strong team is company’s backbone, and reliable sales partners ensure steady development. Our dealers are responsive to your needs, quickly react to enquiries, as well as provide offers based on the best terms and conditions.

SAMURAI production

We operate 10 computer-controlled heat treatment furnaces, as well as CNC machines, vertical and horizontal grinding machines, and steel cutting machines. The versatility of our production methods allows the customer to place an order even for a single blade, and the production term ranges 2 to 4 weeks.

Cooperation with the direct customers makes as closer to the user, which is why we are well aware of how our wood chipper spare parts and blades work. We find out the matters concerning wearing out of the parts and any weak points through continuous communication with the users. We can promptly provide the necessary assistance. Flexible production allows us produce even non-standard items according to individual drawings of the customer and, if there are no drawings, we can make them thanks to the team of Chipper Blades Center. About us – SAMURAI woodchipper blades, spare parts.

With vertical axis grinding machine our workers achieve the cutting edge of chipper blades.

The HURCO CNC center operates in our factory.

We use the grinding segments, which do not heat the steel surface, thus making very little effect on distortions.