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SAMURAI – woodchipper blades

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About us

SAMURAI Chipper Blades Center is a manufacturer of the highest quality blades and spare parts for industrial wood and plastic chippers. The plant is located in Klaipėda, Lithuania. Since 2010, SAMURAI chipper blades have been widely used in the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, and Russia) and, since 2015, in Germany, Austria, Poland, Finland, France and other Western European countries as well. The products of Chipper Blades Center are also exported to Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Africa.

SAMURAI woodchipper blades, knive production. Chipper blades center.

How to buy?

Contact us directly: write or call. The Sales Department of Chipper Blades Center speaks and writes in German, French, Finnish, Polish, Russian, English, Lithuanian and Estonian. Indicate the model and the year of manufacture of your chipper, as well as the spare parts you need, and you will be promptly contacted by the specialist assigned to you, with whom you will continue any further cooperation.

Biber 84 woodchipper. SAMURAI blades, knives, spare parts for woodchipper

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