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No. 1 quality in the world: Chipper blades are made from new better steel! Work 2 times longer than original (OEM parts). JUST TRY BLADES AND SAVE YOUR COSTS.

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Chipper Blades in action

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Excellent impact and abrasion resistant chipper blades!

Chipper blades production factory, located in Lithuania, European Union, produces chipper blades from custom made special tool steel,  with extremely low non metalic impurities, which make the chipper blades both cyclical load proof (withstands numerous impacts) and abrasion resistant. We achieve 2-3 times better blade holding than conventional chipper blades.

Any type of chipper blades can be produced from the customers' drawing.

Chipper blades are quenched and tempered in computer controlled furnaces, making them superior quality.

The company Chipper Blades Center UAB produces various chipper blades, suitable for the following chippers: Ari, Bandit, Black Clawson, Asplundh, Altec, Beloit, Benzer, Bongiani, Brodbaeck, Bruks, Bush, CAE, Canadac, Capital, Carthage, Cumberland, Demuth, Diemer, Erjo, Ferrari, Fichtburg, Forano, Fuji Kogyo, Fulghum, Gustin Som, HAAS, Hedlund, Heinola, Ahlström, Holzmatic, Isles Forge, Jenz, Junkkari, Klöckner, Kone Wood, Lindner, Maier, Mitts Merrill, Morbark, Murrary, Nicholson, Olathe, Pallmann, Pessa, Pezzolato, PHL, Precision, Rader, Rauma, Rudnick, Segem, SG Strojirna, SIBA/ABC, Sjölins, Söderhamn, Springer, Sumner, Vecoplan, Vermeer, Wayne, Wigger, Zeno.